Tostig's claim to the throne of England

  • Kingdoms around the North Sea
  • Tostig Godwinsson's part in history and in Godiva and the Golden Dragon is most critical. The Northumbrians revolted against Tostig in 1065; and, although King Edward may have wanted to support the Earl of Northumbria, Tostig's brother Harold seems to have held the King back. Why did Harold support both Edwin and Morcar, the sons of Aelfgar of Mercia, leaving his brother Tostig with nothing but exile? Godiva and the Golden Dragon follows history in that Harold simply could not support his irrational brother, but why would not Harold push for his other brothers instead of the children of Aelfgar? Godiva and the Golden Dragon makes clear that Harold's support for the House of Mercia over his own is due to his desire to make reconciliation with Godiva.

    Pitiful as it appears, Tostig did try to gain support from everyone around the North Sea. His cousin, Svend of Denmark offered him an earldom, and his relatives in Flanders offered him lands, both of which he refused. There is strong evidence to believe that Tostig Godwinsson did lose touch with reality. Although he may never have burned his boats as he does in Godiva and the Golden Dragon, it seems like the kind of thing he might have done. Tostig finally found with the Norwegians the military backing he was seeking. It is entirely possible that Tostig saw himself gaining the kingship of England through conquest.